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【DOG CHEW TOYS FOR AGGRESSIVE CHEWRES】: Dog peanut-shaped dog squeaky toys are perfect for meeting your dog’s instinctual chewing needs and satisfying their boredom. It can be used for fetching, chasing, or just chewing, the built-in squeaker will keep your dog entertained for a long time. Suitable for medium dogs like Dachshund, Poodle, Labradors, and other small dog chewers.

【SAFE AND DURABLE】: Puppy chew toys are made of 100% eco-friendly, natural, and non-toxic rubber that has good elasticity, which is bite-resistant and is safe to chew for growing dogs. However, we recommend that owners keep a close watch on their puppies while playing with toys to avoid accidental eating.

【SQUEAKY DOG TOYS】: These durable puppy toys will squeak, very attractive and satisfying for your dog. Because of the good elasticity of this dog toy, you can also play interactive games with your dog, such as the fetch game, which is a great parent-child activity for both you and your dog.

【CLEAN DOG TEETH】: This dog educational toy is not only for chewing purposes. It also cleans your dog's teeth and prevents bad breath. Or feel free to use it as a treat dispenser and challenge them with your dog's favorite treat like peanut butter.

【SATISFIED AFTER SALES SERVICE】: Dog toys are the perfect gift for your furry friend. We're sure your dog will love this toy! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Size: 140*80mm

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