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【Replaceable Tassel & Feather】 Each gravitational cat stick has a replacement head with fresh colors and fluffy fur. By swapping two feathers, you can stimulate your cat's visual senses even more, releasing their natural instincts. And the tassel will become shiny while under the sun, attracting cats to chase and pounce on this toy.

【Retractable Design】 When you are playing this cat teasing stick with your cat, press the switch on the body part of the stick to eject the cat wand, then follow your mood and manually stretch the top feather head. When you want to retract it, press the pink button on top of the switch and the string will automatically retract.

【Small and Light】 This kitty teaser toy is retractable, and weighs only 85 grams each, which makes it super convenient to store. When you are out and about, stuff it in your bag and you won't feel the burden.

【Ideal Gift for Cats】 This cat teaser is stylish and cute, easy to use, and is available in 2 colors: blue and pink. It is perfect for birthday gifts for cats, who will be obsessed with it. You can also give it to a friend who has a cat.

Material: cat wand
Weight: 85g/pc
Color: blue/pink

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